Micro Weddings


The hot trend of micro weddings and if it’s right for you.

How to not forget the small things for your big day.

This world has taken on the minimalist lifestyle with Marie Kondo, The Home Edit, and The Minimalists teaching us how to declutter and live a more joyous life.  This lifestyle has not only exploded with our homes, but with how we live our lives.  The wedding industry has seen this fad as well with micro weddings becoming more and more popular each year since COVID.  As an event planner during COVID, I was a witness to many small weddings and one of my fondest memories was a couple who lived in Colorado and planned a grand wedding in New York only to have it canceled one week prior to the big day because of restrictions on gatherings.  They were disappointed to say the least, but then decided they were going to get married on their date no matter what.  They called a local venue and asked how many people they could have attend the ceremony, which was about 20, and they were married with just a white dress, a tuxedo, a bouquet of flowers for the bride, a Pandora playlist, and some drinks for their friends who were able to make it.  I have never seen a more joyous couple on their wedding day and it’s because they took out all the stuff that, although might be fun, did not matter in the long run of their marriage.  There was no stress once they decided what they wanted.  If this sounds like something for you, here are some ideas for your micro wedding.


Why do a Micro Wedding?

Cost – So many people fall into the trap of having the “perfect wedding” and end up in debt during their early years of marriage.  If you flat out do not have the budget for a wedding, embrace the idea of a micro wedding and celebrate your love and beginning of your new life together with the people closest to you.


Low Stress – When you do not have to worry about the many details of one party, then you will be able to enjoy the day.  On the day of the wedding, many couples are stressed about whether the cake has arrived on time or if the photographer knows what shots to take instead of enjoying what the day has to offer and embracing their new commitment.


Minimalist Mindset – Sometimes having a minimalist mindset does not involve physical objects, but it entails how busy we make our lives to be.  If we decided to do every wedding Pinterest thing that we found interesting, our one day party would consume our life for a year or more.  The minimalist mindset revolves around detachment and the decluttering of your mind and life so that joy can be the main focus.  So if you’re not good at crafts, do not try to do 15 DIY projects for your wedding, because you will only become bitter in the process and the day will not be as joyful as you have imagined.


Details of a Micro Wedding



All-inclusive – There are many venues that function the same as normal wedding venues, but on a smaller scale.  There have been many beautiful small buildings turned into wedding venues because of their beauty.  Check out this new wedding venue in Golden, Colorado that was designed as a micro wedding venue holding 20-100 people.  Its gorgeous location between Denver and the mountains allows for a fun get together without the huge price tag of a larger wedding venue.


Table Mountain Meetings and Events – Golden, CO




  • Public space – Do you have a favorite space that you can have a small get together? Make sure you can rent out an area so you do not have people walking around your party.  The rental could be a huge cost saver if you’re not renting a venue, but you will be responsible for bringing chairs, tables, or anything else you will need.


  • Backyard or house – A backyard celebration can be a great way for the family to come together in a comfortable setting and the best part is… you do not have to stress about traveling to a venue or making sure you have the perfect spot.


Rental Properties – THIS IS THE NEW TREND!!!  In connection with micro weddings, families are finding beautiful properties they can rent for a week and get married at.  You just need to check with the property owner beforehand to see if they allow weddings or elopements on their property. Some airbnb or VRBO hosts may have special requirements or restrictions in place for weddings, so it’s always best to ask ahead of time.


Guest List

If you are wanting to do a small wedding, then you probably already have an idea of who you want to attend.  Look at immediate family on both sides and a couple close friends.  All others you can announce that you will be doing a small gathering, but you hope to celebrate when you see them next.


Food and Drinks

Food Truck – A food truck is a fun and low stress option for food.  They are quite popular and can be rented for a couple of hours at a reasonable rate. 


Family – This is an easy task for a mom, sister, or relative that can cook for 10-50 people.  Grill some burgers or put together an Italian meal


Restaurant – Have a beautiful ceremony in an open space or a small venue and then go celebrate at your favorite restaurant.  Just make reservations beforehand 😉


Other Vendors

Look at what is important to you and plan around that. 


Photographer – A photographer is typically a good idea, but if you have a friend who does great photos, ask them to do a few shots of the ceremony, some couples shots, and a few of the reception.  A few pictures go a long way.


Music / Entertainment – A Spotify playlist and someone who can play DJ is sometimes more fun than a professional DJ.  But if dancing the night away is your priority, then hire someone who can work with your venue or location.  Obviously if you are in an open space, this might change what your wedding looks like in terms of a reception or a party.



Whatever you plan for your wedding, big or small, minimalist or extravagant, I hope you and your partner enjoy each other and have a joyous beginning to a wonderful life together.  If you not only want a micro wedding, but also a short engagement, check out this blog on How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months.  Happy planning.

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