Personalized Touches to your Wedding

Personalized Touches to your Wedding

7 ways to add your story and personalized touches to your wedding to make it truly unique.

Personalized Touches to your Wedding

Even if your venue has played host to hundreds of weddings, you can make it your space by doing a few fun projects. Do not get overwhelmed, but make it fun so that you both can enjoy the planning process and get over the hump of choosing linen and charger colors.

#1 Tables

Your guests will notice unique details at their table and will want to see other tables as well. It will make for an entertaining piece of the night. From centerpieces to table numbers, here are some ideas to make your tables unique.

Table numbers – Make the numbers unique to you, whether that be using the numbers to illustrate how they reflect your relationship such as on the 19th is your anniversary and the 3rd is now your wedding anniversary. Instead of using numbers, you can name the tables something else including mountain names, cities, books, etc.

Centerpieces – Is there a hobby you both enjoy that can be used in your centerpieces? As a planner, I have seen many creative ideas including travel themed, college football teams, as well as movie centerpieces. I worked at a Harry Potter themed wedding that had the guests intrigued about every detail. Bring out your personality that will have people interested to travel around the room to see what you have created.

Personalized Touches to your Wedding

#2 Family Photos

Personalized Touches to your Wedding

Incorporating your family history as well as your fiance’s family history and then bringing your families together is a visual representation of the day. Here are some ideas.

Ceremony – Pictures down the aisle of the couple together. Start with pictures when you first met and end with pictures of your engagement. Or do a bride’s side and a groom’s side with them growing up and ending with pictures together. Be creative.

Centerpieces – Use couple photos as centerpieces or table numbers.

Family – My husband and I were blessed to have both of our parents and all of our grandparents still married so we displayed all of their wedding photos at the welcome and guest book table. We wanted to celebrate marriage and also, I loved the vintage looking pictures 😉

Personalized Touches to your Wedding

Passed Loved Ones – You can also display family photos of important loved ones who are not with you anymore.  This can be at its own table or on chairs during the ceremony.

#3 Monograms

Personalized Touches to your Wedding

Monograms are a fun way to make ordinary things decorative. Create a monogram or incorporate something unique to you both such a pet and put them on things such as your cake topper, napkins, use it on your stationary and even create your own stamps. Some venues will have an option to display it from a projector onto a wall to create a neat light display.

#4 Neon Signs

Personalized Touches to your Wedding

Neon signs have become a popular entertainment piece as people will use it as a backdrop for selfies.  If you have a good accent wall or area at your venue where people will be sure to notice it, it is a cheap option for a large décor piece.


#5 Seating Chart

Personalized Touches to your Wedding

Everyone sees the seating chart so it is an opportunity to make your mark.  Do a polaroid seating chart or something that goes with the theme of your wedding.

#6 Something for the Kids

If your wedding has many kids in attendance, doing something special for them will delight them and make the parents love you as well. Try a personalized coloring book of your love story or a coloring book that goes with your theme.  I attended a Disney themed wedding that was so magical and had many fun interactive things for kids that kept them entertained all night such as wands, princess crowns, lightsabers, a dress up corner and more.  Check out more ideas for keeping kids entertained at your wedding.

Personalized Touches to your Wedding

#7 Favors

Personalized Touches to your Wedding

Favors can be a fun way to add a personal touch by saying thank you to your guests.  Personalized M&M’s have become a favorite.  The kids like to eat the faces of the couple and drunk people enjoy this too.  Really, any item can be personalized for relatively cheap.

This is a fun part of wedding planning.  Put your personal touch on it so your guests will see your personality come out.  Happy planning.

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