How to Plan a Wedding in 3 months

Plan a Wedding

A Quick Guide to a Short Engagement

Plan a Wedding

How to Plan a Wedding in 3 months. Being a wedding planner before, during, and after the COVID shutdowns of 2020 allowed me to take a look at different perspectives on all things wedding and what I saw was an incredible change.

With all the rules and regulations, I found people being more intentional about what they needed on their wedding day, and I ended up witnessing the most beautiful and intimate weddings.  All the sudden, it became less about decor and small details and more about the couple enjoying one another and focusing on the light during a dark time. 

People became more flexible about getting their wedding date in when they could and even now I see a ripple effect of people who do not want to wait two years for the perfect wedding date and venue, but understand that starting their life together will be beautiful whenever and wherever they want to start this wonderful journey.  Here are some key points to take in if you are wanting a short engagement for whatever reason.

Plan #1 Have a Minimalist Mindset

Having a minimalist mindset just means to think about what is important to you and letting everything else fall where it may.  What I am seeing as a result from COVID weddings is people realizing that getting married in a pretty setting with good food and drinks, and having close family and friends be there to support you is truly all that matters.  So if you are wanting a short engagement, I truly think this mindset will allow you to enjoy the planning process and not become stressed. 

If you are starting to see checklists of things you need including a special cake cutting set, toasting flutes, grand centerpieces so that guests will be impressed, and three photographers, pump the brakes and make a list of what is important to YOU and tell yourself that nothing else matters.  If you decide you want a certain flower or a certain style of dress, include that on your list, but don’t let others tell you what you need to have and how much time you need to prepare for that.

Plan #2 Venue and Catering

Wedding Venues – Many venues have open availability within a short timeframe.  For example, many wedding venues are also used as Celebration of Life venues as well and those events are typically booked two to three weeks out. 

Airbnb – If you want a certain location in which guests can gather and enjoy, try an Airbnb.  Just make sure it has a good size yard for your gathering and ask the renters for permission.  This is a great money saver as well if you desire to do a honeymoon in the same location and you wouldn’t be paying a huge venue rental fee.

Local Park – Many parks are cheap to rent and have great scenery.

Food trucks or local restaurants – These options can usually handle a quick turnaround.  But wedding caterers are usually willing to accommodate a shorter turnaround and want your business.

Plan #3 Dress

Some wedding dresses take a long time to come in and to have alterations done, so make sure this is one of the first things you consider.  However, in many stores and in the world of the online market, you can find a beautiful white dress that does not have the title of “wedding dress.”  This is also a great money saver as well.

Plan #4 What else Matters to You?

Flowers – You can absolutely do flowers the day before by going to the grocery store.  Just buy some twine to wrap around the bouquet and if you desire flower centerpieces, just grab some flowers and cut and put in jars the day before to put on tables.  Faux flowers are also an option.

Cake – This can also be done at a grocery store or Costco.  Homemade cupcakes are also a crowd pleaser if you don’t want to have to find someone who can cut the cake.  Donuts are the new trend for desserts because, let’s be honest, everyone loves donuts.  Just have someone pick up the morning of the wedding and set out the boxes on a big table and people are happy.

Photographers – Get one photographer and don’t be too picky about getting every shot of every aunt, uncle, and cousin.  When people are candid and enjoying the night, the photographer will capture those moments.

Plan #5 Don’t Forget

Music – This can be as simple as an iphone and a bluetooth speaker.  But if music is important, hire a DJ.

Rentals – Make sure to have enough tables and chairs.  Tablecloths will make anything look good as well.  Again, decide what is important to you and make sure you get it.  Sometimes adding nicer tables such as farmhouse tables are a great addition and then you do not need to worry about tablecloths.  If you do not want to worry about rinsing china, there are nice looking clear disposables that make everything food and drink wise so easy.

Rings – Yes, I have seen weddings where people forget the rings, and guess what?  They still got married!  But, try not to forget this.

Marriage License – Get this right away because it will take a few weeks to come in the mail.

A three month engagement and/or planning period for your wedding is totally doable.  The three things to think of first and foremost would be venue, dress, and marriage license.  Everything else will fall into place and you will get married.  Remember, at the end of the day, you might remember every detail, but your guests will not.  If you are just ready to be married and start the next chapter of your life or if there is a reason for a quick engagement, it can be done and it has been done.  Set a date and start planning.

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