Day-of-Coordinator Role

wedding day-of-coordinator

What exactly the day-of-coordinator does and does not do on your big day.

wedding day-of-coordinator
Day-of-Coordinator Role

The day-of-coordinator for your wedding is a huge role and there are misconceptions about what they do and how they spend their time.  It is helpful to know what their role consists of so you know what you can expect of them and what you cannot so you can hire or delegate appropriately.  Let’s dive into what roles they do not perform as well as what roles you can expect them to fill.

What a Day-of-Coordinator is Not

A Wedding Planner

Unless you hire a wedding planner to fill the role of the day of coordinator, do not expect them to have every detail down that a wedding planner might know such as what each vendor is getting paid and what each vendor promised you.  A day-of-coordinator will have many details that they will be double checking, but they will not know every aspect of your wedding that a planner might know because they will not have went through the entire process with you for the last year or so.

A Set-up and Tear-down Crew

Because the day-of-coordinator has other roles and jobs, they cannot perform the role of setting up all your decor and taking it all down.  This is a long process that usually requires more than one person a couple hours to do.  If you are at an all-inclusive venue, such as Church Ranch Event Center in Westminster, Colorado, they can set-up everything including chairs, tables, linens, china, and even décor if hired to do so.  However, this is not a one person job.

A Décor Assembler

A day-of-coordinator will sometimes offer to place important objects such as the seating chart or card box.  However, they should not be in charge of assembling these items.  If there are candles that are still in boxes and do not have batteries in them or if a card box needs assembly, the day-of-coordinator will not have time to put these items together.  These should be assembled beforehand and someone assigned the job to set them in their appropriate spots and the day-of-coordinator can check them.

Dessert Set-up Professional

If you have a dessert that is being brought in, make sure someone other than the day-of-coordinator can set up the dessert table.  A professional sometimes takes 30 to 45 minutes to set up a dessert table if it consists of individual desserts such as cupcakes, donuts, or dessert shooters.


Sometimes guests expect that anyone who is working the event can pour them a drink, but this is not the case.  An actual bartender must be hired if a venue does not already employ one.  The day-of-coordinator may be getting drinks for the bride and groom throughout the night, but they will not be serving others.


Roles of a Day-of-Coordinator

Point of Contact    

The day-of-coordinator will serve as the point of contact for all vendors and the family.  If the florist is running late or if the DJ has a question, they will ask the point person first rather than interrupt the couple as they get ready or are enjoying their day.

Body Movers

Someone has to play host by telling the guests that it is time to be seated for the ceremony to start or let them know when to move into the reception hall for dinner.  It is sometimes a great effort to get everyone where they need to be.

Timing Managers

There is a timeline that needs to be adhered to in order for everything to get done.  The day-of-coordinator will make sure the ceremony starts on time, dinner is served on schedule as well as many smaller things such as cake cutting or bouquet toss.  If something is pushed back, the day-of-coordinator will communicate this to the other vendors and make decisions on how to make up time if needed.  So, if pictures are taking longer than expected, the day-of-coordinator will let the DJ and bartenders know to extend the cocktail hour and tell the caterers to hold off on setting the food out on the buffet tables.

Detail Checkers

All the small details matter on the day of the wedding.  The day-of-coordinator will make sure that there are the correct number of place settings at each table, the caterers have set up the buffet and put out waters, and all the décor has been set up how the couple wanted them.  If there are details that need to be fixed, the day-of-coordinator will fix them.

Personal Assistant

A day-of-coordinator wants to make sure you have everything you need on your special day so that you are relaxed.  If you need your flat shoes or your lipstick, they will run to the dressing room to get it for you.  If you need water or a drink from the bar, they will be happy to grab one so you can keep doing your table rounds or continue with pictures with the photographer.

Rule Enforcers

Every venue or couple has rules and it is the duty of the day-of-coordinator to be the hall monitor for these rules.  If the bartenders have cut someone off and they are continuing to be a problem, it is the day-of-coordinator’s job to take care of it.  If the vendors are not doing what they need to be doing, the day-of-coordinator will step in to let them know what needs to be done or take care of it themselves if the vendors refuse.  This goes into the last duty.


Any problem that arises, the day-of-coordinator will figure out a solution.  If a bartender runs out of cups, the coordinator will find cups.  If a caterer forgot the salads, the coordinator will help the caterers find a solution.  Consider this the mom role.  Something happens and mom will figure out how to fix it before the bride and groom know something went wrong so they can enjoy their day. 

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what you can expect from a day-of-coordinator.  They are super helpful to have for your wedding so that you and your family can enjoy the day without running around doing these tasks.  Insider tip, do not give too many responsibilities to the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom.  They typically are the most stressed.  If you decide on an all-inclusive wedding venue, they sometimes will have a coordinator for your big day already set.  At Church Ranch Event Center in Westminster, Colorado, the day-or-coordinator is included with your booking.  If you do not have a day-of-coordinator included, consider hiring one to make sure everything runs smoothly.  If you would rather delegate some tasks, check out our blogs on the role of the Best Man and the role of the Maid of Honor.  Just make sure to be clear what their responsibilities are and that they can perform those duties.  Happy planning!

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