The Maid of Honor Duties

Maid of Honor

The main responsibilities of the maid of honor as the person standing next to the bride.

Maid of Honor

The Maid of Honor Duties. You were just asked to stand by your best friend as her maid or maiden of honor!  Where do you start supporting her in this journey?  If you’re anything like me and do not have a natural tendency to gather people and lead, you may have to step out of your comfort zone because you just became the captain of the bride tribe.  You will be the wing man for the bride and perhaps the voice of reason when things become more stressful.  Here are the main responsibilities that will be under your charge during this planning process but get ready to support wherever else needed.

Help with Wedding Planning

Of course, the bride will plan with her fiance, but when it comes to many decisions, she will consult you to make sure her vision for her big day is in check.  She will most likely consult you when it comes to dresses, colors, centerpieces, floral, shoes, hair, makeup, as well as pre-wedding activities such as the bachelorette party.  Offer to host a wine night where you can both sit down and see where to help with any sort of planning.

Leading the rest of the Bridesmaids

Once the bride tribe is assembled, send out a text to all the members to make sure everyone knows each other and has a contact for any questions.  Let everyone know your thoughts on dresses and shoes for the day so they can start planning as well as thoughts on the bridal and bachelorette parties.  Many people will have questions along the way and it’s important for them to have a point of contact, so they are not left in the dark, nor are they bothering the bride with every inquiry.                     

Wedding Dress Shopping

So, you think this is the fun part?  It is your job to be honest (in a nice way) and be prepared to go to multiple dress shops and help with fittings for hours.  This is important and she needs your help.  You can make it fun by taking some pictures and bringing a starbucks to start the day off right.  Make sure you go to the final fitting as well because you will be in charge of the bustle before the reception begins.  A tip for the bustle – take a video of the seamstress doing the bustle and glance at it the week before the wedding.

Serve as Point of Contact

Not only will you be the point of contact for the rest of the bridal party, but you will also be the point of contact for all the vendors.  Have the bride put your name down as the day of contact for any changes or questions that will arise and make sure you know the details so you can okay changes or decisions that need to be made.  This is important to ensure the couple enjoys their day and are not stressed.  You will be working hard almost the entire day and can let loose once the dancing starts.  Even though you are working, and people will be coming to you with questions, it is important that you be the life of the party as well and making sure everyone is relaxed and having fun.  All introverts must come out of their shell for one day 😉

Bridal Shower

You are in charge of throwing a bridal shower for the bride.  If another family member steps up, make sure to help in any way they need.  Discuss with the bride who she wants to have attend and prepare all the decor and food. 

Bachelorette Party

This is definitely a fun one, but this is an event to be in full communication with the bridal party when it comes to when, where, and what everyone’s budget is.  A growing trend is destination bachelorette parties, but some members will have a tight budget or limited availability.  Keep in mind they are all most likely paying for bridal gowns, shoes and perhaps travel arrangements.  Try to tailor to everyone and let the bride know you will make it fun no matter what.  If possible, have each member of the bridal party be responsible for something so everyone feels included.  Responsibilities you can delegate can include a music playlist for the night, arranging games for the pre-game, bringing fun drinks to start the night, and decorating. 

Keep track of Gifts Received

Make sure you compile a list every time the bride receives gifts.  She will want to send thank yours at some point, but she will not be in the frame of mind to keep track of what she has received.  She will definitely thank you for this one.

Plan a Reception Speech

The maid of honor typically does a speech during the reception.  I have found that the key to a great speech is to keep it short and sweet.  Include a memory of the bride from the past and a story about the couple.  No inside jokes, you will thank me for this later.

Day of Care

This is a big one, because you have to keep your head on a swivel for anything you can help with.  The main responsibilities include staying with the bride and making sure she has everything she needs including a drink and food to stay hydrated and energized, makeup touch ups, dress bustling, rounding up family for pictures, and answering any questions from vendors so they do not have to bother the bride.  It’s a big responsibility and you have to have fun while doing all these tasks.

Being the maid of honor is no small task.  Just remember to be fun and make sure the bride is having fun and is relaxed.  This should be more stressful for you than on anyone else.  There is a reason she chose you to stand by her side during the most important time of her life.  She trusts and loves you and knows she will have a wonderful time during this important transition into marriage.

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