12 Most Commonly Forgotten Wedding Details

Wedding Details

How to not forget the small wedding details for your big day.

Wedding Details
How to not forget the small things for your big day.

Weddings have SO MANY LITTLE DETAILS and you will be so exhausted from planning, labeling, and packing by the time the wedding is here.  But here are a few more details just to make sure you have everything.  These tips will depend on how DIY your wedding is because many vendors or venues will be prepared for any missing detail, but guarantee you will forget at least one of these.

TIP – All inclusive venues such as Church Ranch Event Center in Westminster, CO will have many of these items available, even last minute, to help relieve the stress of planning or buying things that you will use once.

Bar Details

If you have a venue that allows for you to bring in your own supplies and hire your own bartender, do not forget ice, containers, garnishes, and cocktail napkins.  The liquor and cups are obvious, but ask the bartender what they bring to make sure your bases are covered.

Bustle Video

During your last fitting, make sure your maid of honor, mom, or whomever can handle this job, is present and taking a video.  Also make sure that person watches the video the week before the wedding so they are not trying to figure it out the day of.  Or at least have the video handly to show for additional help to get the possibly long process rolling.

Food and Drinks

Pack a bag full of water and snacks such as granola bars for throughout the day.  It is such a long day and even if you do have meals, staying hydrated and fed is important to get through the night without a fainting incident.  Make sure you have some extra snacks for the bridal party as well.  This is the perfect job for someone in the bridal party (if you have a mom in the bridal party, they are super good at this job and will embrace the responsibility).

For a list of maid of honor responsibilities, check out this list.

Emergency Kit

Bring a small kit with makeup stuff, including eyelashes and eyelash glue, first aid basics, sewing essentials, bobby pins, safety pins, and feminine products.  Guarantee you will use something from this kit. 

Overnight Bag

Plan how you are leaving the venue and put your overnight bag into the vehicle so you are not tracking it down minutes before your sendoff.

Photo Wrangler

NO ONE ever plans for someone to be assigned to this role, but it is super helpful to get pictures done fast and the photographer will be forever grateful.  It is helpful to have one person from each side of the family who is able to gather family members for certain pictures.  This is a perfect job for a young teen in the family who can run to get family members across the venue or is perhaps a bit bored during cocktail hour.

Tips and ID

Have those tips ready in envelopes with someone assigned the job of handing them out.  Always have your ID ready.  Just because you are the bride does not mean you get a free pass as you walk into the bar between the ceremony and reception.  If you are at one location, you will only need it once, but always know where it is.

Clean up Crew

Make sure you have people who are able to clean up and gather your decor and gifts.  Do not just assume family members will help out because some people may leave early or have drank too much to help.  Assign people this task and give them instructions on what to collect and where to put it.  Make sure you know based on the contract what they need to do in regards to clean up.  Some places will have you sweeping and picking up trash whereas others will do almost everything for you, including gathering your decor.


If you have a florist, they will go over a checklist with you, but if you just ordered bouquets and boutonnieres, make sure you go through a more complete checklist.  Items commonly forgotten are flower girl petals, floral for the cake, and vases for bouquets if you are repurposing the bouquets as reception decor.

Guest book Table

You chose a great guest book, but make sure you have pens that go with it and work on the guest book.  If you have a big wooden board, have someone sign the board a week before the wedding to make sure the pens work and to use as an example (because no one wants to be the first one to sign something).  Also remember a card box.  Then at the end of the night, your clean up crew can just grab and go.

Point Person

Have a point person who is good at making decisions and knows the family.  A sister or an aunt is the best for this.  Not a mother because they typically get stressed or want to enjoy the night.  Small decisions need to be made and if you want to enjoy your wedding day, choose a point person so the coordinator does not interrupt your night to ask you about all the details.

Cake Cutting Set

Again, this depends on how DIY your wedding is.  If you have hired a professional caterer or are at an all inclusive venue, they will have these supplies.  But don’t be caught cutting the cake with a plastic knife (true story).

It is easy to forget small details.  If you are excited to plan every detail right down to custom first toast champagne glasses, then this will be a fun planning process.  However, if you do not want to have to deal with all the small details of a wedding or buy things you will only use once, consider an all inclusive venue that will have most stuff prepared for you.

Is an all inclusive right for you?  Check out this blog.

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