Winter Weddings

winter weddings
winter weddings

Five advantages of having a winter wedding

In this article, you will learn more about Winter Weddings. With the generation who grew up with the movie Frozen, it’s not hard to imagine a beautiful winter wonderland as a backdrop for your big day.  A winter wedding can allow for magical pictures, fun accessories, a memorable night and not to mention, great savings.  There are many advantages to having a winter wedding that are often overlooked.

#1 Winter Weddings Venue and Date Selection

The industry standard recommendation for reserving your wedding for the most popular times of the year is 12-14 months.  This can be an issue depending on how quickly you want to get married and what time of the year you got engaged.  Your favorite venue may be booked every Friday and Saturday for the upcoming peak season and you will not even get a chance to put in for a date.  However, if you look at off peak months such as December through February, you will have much more available dates to choose from so you are not stuck with a Monday night wedding.  So whether you have a specific date in mind or are just ready to be married and skip the long engagement, a winter wedding is a great option. 

#2 Better Rates on EVERYTHING!

Off season rates for the venue, hotel, airlines and more!  Let’s tap into the savings that can be made.

VENUE.  Wedding venues will offer cheaper rates and sometimes discounts on enhancements in order to get business.  So if you fell in love with a beautiful venue but it’s out of your price range, try a winter date for huge discounts. The venue will also likely have discounts from other vendors who work at their venue. Check out our blog on an all-inclusive wedding for information on this.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS.  There is a peak season for travel as well.  During the warm months when schools are out for break, airfare, hotels, and rental cars prices increase.  If you choose an off peak date, your guests can find great travel discounts.  Just be sure to plan a buffer time frame in case a blizzard decides to delay things.

DECORATIONS.  Some wedding venues will decorate for the holiday season and you may be able to take advantage of the decor they already have.  It is also easy to find holiday decor on sale after Christmas that can be used for a more winter theme.

#3 No Weather Worry

If you have an outdoor wedding, you will be susceptible to spring or summer showers and in the fall, you may have to prepare for a 90 degree day or a blizzard. However, during the winter, the weather will be predictable and if it snows, it will make for beautiful pictures.  Snow can be much more manageable and you can plan for fun accessories such as blankets or scarves for the ceremony and beautiful shawls or soft coats for the bridesmaids.  Plus, the sun will not be an issue for pictures.

#4 Something different

Winter Weddings

A winter wedding will be a wedding to remember because it will be something unique from other weddings.  You can go with a different theme, decor, and even guest favors that go with a more wintery vibe.  Guests will have to bust out a different outfit than their normal summer wedding attire and may even have to find warmer accessories such as a fur coat.  We have included a list of fun winter wedding ideas.

  • Hot chocolate bar
  • Crates of blankets at the ceremony site or give guests “to have and to hold in case you get cold” blanket or pashmina favors
  • Incorporate different fabric textures such as flannel, tweed, or velvet or add in metallic accessories
  • Choose deeper hues such as forest green or maroon red
  • Or go with an icy blue color pallet
  • Winter inspired arch using greenery from evergreen trees
  • Pinecone centerpieces
  • Winter wonderland look using whites and lights
  • “Let it Snow” confetti for the sendoff
  • Use a black and white color scheme and make it a black tie wedding
  • Christmas themed wedding using holiday decor (yes, even Christmas trees) and reds and greens
  • Roast dinner and winter cocktails

#5 Something to look forward to

Seasonal depression is real and a fun gathering of your friends and family will have people excited and talking about this day for months.  It is also nice to plan a warm get away for your anniversary each year or have a reason to celebrate when everyone else is hunkered down inside for a few months.  You will most likely get many more RSVP’s because most people do not plan vacations or big events during the winter months.

There might be anxiety about planning a winter wedding, but the huge benefits will get you excited to say “I do.”  Whether it’s saving money, having a different vibe than the fifteen other weddings you have been to in the last couple years or just an event to look forward to during the hard months, you will be pleasantly surprised at how magical your day can be.

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