Wedding Invitations and RSVPs

Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitations
Everything you need to know about all things stationery from etiquette to wording to fun tips.

Wedding invitations can come as an afterthought when planning for a wedding, but it is something that cannot have a mistake. 

If you are not familiar with invitation etiquette, there could be confusion or even embarrassment.  Make sure you create not only a beautiful invitation, but one that is clear for your invitees.  Here are some tips with what exactly you will need and how to go about making it clear for everyone. 

What will I need?

Many people will not do all of the things we have included on this list, but here is a complete list of anything you might need in the stationery department and when you need to send them out.

  • Save the dates. If you want to inform people about the date you chose for your wedding so they can plan in advance, a save the date is a fun way to let people know when and where your wedding is.
  • This is most helpful for out-of-town guests to start making travel arrangements.  This can be sent out up to a year in advance.
  • Invitations will go out six to eight weeks before the wedding.  If you have a destination wedding, send the invites out three months in advance.  Here are some things to include with the invitation.

Traditional Elements

  • Invitation
  • Response Card and Pre-addressed Envelope with Postage
  • Mailing Envelope
  • Postage

Optional Elements

  • Inner Envelope
  • Reception Card
  • Directions
  • Weekend Events Card
  • Accommodations Card
  • Invitation Wrapper
    • Helpful tip – Include your wedding website in the invitation because most people will throw the invitation away but forget to write down all the helpful information.
  • Thank you cards. Etiquette says that the couple has up to three months to send out thank you cards.  If you have a large wedding, you can include a little card at the place settings or included in the party favor that says that in lieu of thank you notes, you will be making a donation to a certain charity.  Stationery can be expensive so this is a good way to use some wedding budget for a cause that is close to you both.  But do not forget people who send gifts without coming to the wedding.

Etiquette and Wording

Basic elements for wording will include five main items.  Within these main elements, you can go as formal or casual as you want.

  1. Host line.  If someone is paying for the wedding or for most of the wedding, consider adding their name at the top or if it is a group effort you can say something simple such as, “Together with their parents.”    If you are paying for your own wedding, you can omit this line.
  2. Request line.  There are many ways to request the presence of the invitees to the wedding.  Many print companies will have suggestions or templates for you or you can create your own unique line.
  3. Couples line.  The couple’s names are usually done in a larger font and can be in fun calligraphy as well.  The bride’s name always comes first.
  4. Details line.  Include the date, place, and time of the wedding.
  5. Reception line.  Include a line that says the reception will follow and if in a different location, add the location address.

Here is an example of one invitation.

Wedding Invitations

Fun Stuff

Invitations and stationery can be fun if you are artsy and creative.  Here are a few ideas.

  • Calligraphy writing. It is easy to learn yourself if you have patience or you can hire someone to do the writing.  There are also many companies that can print a beautiful font on the envelopes if you like the look, but do not have the time.
  • DIY invites. If you want to have some fun and save money, you can have basic invites printed at an Office Depot and then add some lace or ribbons to fancy it up.  We have seen the most beautiful invites come from something handmade.
  • Wax sealing with a monogram. You can order a custom monogram stamp and some wax and seal the envelope with the wax and stamp it.  It is cheap and fun and it looks like a million dollars.  You can also keep it for years to come to use for special occasions.  Add the same monogram to the invitation and signage throughout your wedding.
  • Acrylic invitations. These are becoming popular and it gives a fun modern touch.  People will love them because they are different from the standard cardstock.
    Wedding Invitations
  • Laser cut invitations.  These have a look of lace and fancy, but it is just cut cardstock.
    Wedding Invitations and RSVPs

You now have the basics of wedding invitations.  If you are hosting a more formal wedding, be sure to research correct wording on everything you do including addressing envelopes and keep in mind that everything matters, including order of names listed.  This can be a fun way to show your invitees the theme, colors, or tone of your wedding beforehand so enjoy designing the stationery.

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