How to Create a Timeless Wedding Look

timeless wedding look

Tips for creating a classic look that will never go out of style.

timeless wedding look

How to Create a Timeless Wedding Look. My cousin and his friends are all starting to sport mullet haircuts.  Are you cringing along with me or you going right along with the “new” fashion style?  We are told that there are new and exciting trends, but for those of us who have been around a while, we see trends coming back.

Wedding planners have seen a surge in the traditional look for weddings in large part because of the Netflix hit show Bridgerton.  So whether you are inspired by the show and trend or are desiring a timeless look that you will adore even when looking at pictures with your children and grandchildren, there are a few tips that will help you achieve that classic look that never goes out of style.


Flowers can easily represent the theme of the wedding. For a classic look, you should stick with soft whites mixed with subtle greens. There is nothing more traditional and clean looking than crisp white and natural greens. You can go with white roses or peonies mixed with greens for a bouquet and do greenery around a white arrangement for a centerpiece. White is the classic color for a wedding and using it creates a romantic and elegant look.

Timeless Wedding Look


There is beauty in simplicity.  Some wedding gowns are very intricate and try to be different, but it is the simple ones that make a statement.  Stick with white and a veil and do not try to find something too unique because odds are it will be out of style in a couple years.  The most timeless dresses include ballgown and A-line silhouettes because it illustrates luxury.

Color Palette 

Certain colors tend to trend during different seasons.  But for a classic look, stay neutral.  Blush pink is hot now, but it was also the color to have when my mom got married in the 80s.  In 2012, my friend chose a coral color for her bridesmaid’s dresses and she absolutely hates looking at some of her wedding photos.  Neutrals will not go out of style for years to come.

Timeless Wedding Look



Calligraphed signs or stationary make a certain look that guests will enjoy.  Start with simple, yet elegant invitations and keep the theme going with a welcome sign.  Whether you choose to do a seating chart or escort cards, keep the same calligraphed font to keep an antique, yet modern look.  If you can write in a beautiful script or know someone who can, even better for an authentic look.

Timeless Wedding Look


Having a sophisticated menu will enhance the look of the wedding.  It doesn’t have to cost more, but just by doing chicken instead of pulled pork will feel more elegant.  It is also easy to do fancy and fun appetizers during cocktail hour.  Adding a beautiful white cake with floral atop or fancy desserts can be a good ending to the timeless night.


Stick with the classics.  While going down the aisle or during cocktail hour, don’t go too bold.  There are many songs that have been used forever for good reason.  There is an elegance and beauty in the traditional songs.  However, for the first dance and other songs at the end of the night, all is fair game. 


If you stick with white and simple and go for clean lines, you will get a look that is timeless.  If you are inspired by the Bridgeton theme, you can go with big centerpieces, but to achieve the timeless look, you don’t have to try to do too much.  Your floral will speak for itself and adding a few candles will enhance the look.  Stick with neutrals for linens and napkins for that clean look throughout.

A Fancy Wedding Ride

The cherry on top of the traditional wedding is the getaway car.  Ask around to see who has a classic car that you can borrow for the night and add a calligraphed “Just Married” sign to the back window.  Older cars are also available for rent.  One bride decided to rent the car through the next day as well so the newly married couple could enjoy a joy ride for some quiet, alone time after a busy week.

Timeless Wedding Look

If timeless and elegant is what you are going for, the most important thing you can do is stick to neutral colors and stay away from fads you may hear about while planning.  Chances are they will go out of style quick.  Have the mindset that if a royal would not be allowed something at their wedding, it is most likely not appropriate for the look you are going for.  More than just enjoying pictures from your wedding when you are grandparents, there is intentionality and meaning behind many traditions such as why you exchange rings, why the bride wears white and groom wears black and even having the bride wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.  It is fun to think of not just the wedding day, but your lives as a married couple.  Happy planning!

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