COVID-19 Church Event Options in Denver

To avoid the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, President Trump has outlined guidelines that include phases for reopening states. While each state is going through different phases, they all agree the best option of church worship is to attend services online. However, there are some important church events that must be done in-person, such as funerals, weddings, baptisms, and more.

Fortunately, Trump classified these events as critical and laid out guidelines to conduct them in a safe way. Giving spiritual leaders the right to re-open for such events as long as they commit to managing the risks. Parties or social gatherings that take place after church sermons can still be held but must continue to follow the indoor/outdoor event guidelines.

Required Event Church Rules and Guidelines for COVID-19

It is advisable for counties with high numbers of COVID-19 transmissions to conduct essential services outdoors rather than indoors when possible. Outdoor worship is permitted always within state church regulations and public health orders. Church leaders must try to stay within public health guidelines but can make exceptions if the restrictions would prevent essential activity.

The place of worship responsible for holding an event must ensure that each non-household attendee maintains a safe distance of at least 6 feet apart from one another while attending the services. They must also contact local authorities for approval on the maximum occupancy allowed to attend the service and see that everyone wears a mask. The same social distancing rules apply to singers, choirs, speakers, and other visitors.

COVID-19 Social Distancing

Faith organizations are encouraged to consider shortening service durations to reduce exposure time. Seating should be arranged so that churchgoers are 6 feet apart in every direction. Also, there should be a social distancing plan for restroom use. Where there are many stalls available, every other one should be closed or only allow one person to use the facility at a time. It is also recommended to have a separate entrance and exit doors, and cleaning practices must be done in a timely manner. Leaders should maintain social distancing requirements at all times.

Masks or Face Coverings

The executive order in Colorado makes it mandatory for those over 11 years old to wear a cloth covering mask over their mouths and noses in all public spaces. This includes places of worship and all other public settings. There are some exceptions to these rules. You don’t have to wear the face-covering if you are…

  • under 10 years old.
  • unable to tolerate wearing a face covering for medical reasons.
  • taking part in a religious or life-rite service that a mask would interfere with, but it should be put back on after the service is over.

Note: Children under 2 should NOT wear a face covering or a mask.
It is also recommended that each place of worship have extra face masks available for churchgoers in need. All provided face masks should be disposable or completely sanitized before and after use.

Presenters, Singers, Choirs, Speakers, and Musicians

Performers who give a vocal speech, sing, or perform in ways that cause heavy breathing should always be at least 25 feet away from the audience. While 25 feet is also preferred for musicians, such as organ, piano, or harp players, they must stay at least 6 feet away from the audience and each other.

Those performing in church services, such as all presenters, speakers, singers, choirs, and more should test for COVID-19 before their performance. Individuals who were recently in contact with a symptomatic person for at least 10 minutes at 6 feet away should self-quarantine and not take part in church services. Adjust spacing and seating modifications for performers like singers, speakers, etc., to increase physical distances from the audience.

Install barriers or put in place an alternative when necessary to prevent aerosolized droplets from reaching the audience from performers. Also, maximize physical spacing between all individuals on stage. Choir performers should be separated at a safe distance apart.

When possible, all performers, speakers, choir members, and singers should use a separate entrance and exit than the audience members. As long as the performers, speakers, singers, etc. do not join audience areas, they will not have to count in the capacity limit. Yet, if they join the audience areas, they must count in capacity limits. Disinfect all equipment (microphones) shared by performers, speakers, singers, etc. between use.

COVID-19 Cleaning Practices

According to the CDC, COVID-19 can stay alive on surfaces for days, depending on the material of the surface. For this reason, all those responsible for public gatherings must follow the Environment’s Cleaning Guidance presented by the Colorado Department of Health.Remember to clean and disinfect restrooms and any plastic or metal on surfaces or chairs between each service or use.

COVID-19 Guidelines Make it Possible to Have Risk Free Events

Don’t allow COVID-19 to stop you from living your life when it can be avoided as long as you follow the guidelines. People still have to work to pay bills and put food on the table and should continue to participate in essential social events like weddings and funerals. That is why guidelines were set, so we will know what precautions to take to live a risk-free life. Fortunately, the measures set allow us to avoid the risks of contracting COVID-19, even at social gatherings. As long as you take extra precautions, you can continue to live your life as always.

Let Us Handle the COVID-19 Guidelines While You Enjoy Your Event

At Church Ranch Events Center, we make it a priority to know and fully understand the guidelines set for holding church events and we follow them to ensure everyone’s safety. We understand the risks associated with the virus and do everything possible to maintain a safe environment at every event held at our facility. Whether you are considering having a wedding, a celebration of life, a reception party, or other, we got you covered.

Our facility in Westminster sits on seven acres of grounds with walking gardens, flowing fountains, and grassy knolls. You can choose to have your event outdoors surrounded by a picturesque view of towering Aspen trees and water features in a beautiful garden setting. Or select a breathtaking indoor setting that holds 450 guests in our Grand Hall, where you will make a grand entrance through a spectacular glass entryway. Experience an amazing environment with vaulted ceilings, a rustic setting, and wooden beam trusses that create an open-air atmosphere.


While certain church services are important, so is reducing the spread of COVID-19. Now that we know this virus will not be going away soon, it is important to follow the guidelines set by state officials. These guidelines make it possible to continue living our lives safely and avoid risks during social gatherings and essential events.

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