7 Important Tips for a Celebration of Life Event

Live life to the fullest. 

The funeral is a solemn occasion in which you can commemorate the loss of your loved one. Millions of funerals are held every year. But they aren’t always ideal. 

Some people want to commemorate life with a little more festivity. A celebration of life allows you to do that. 

Yet a celebration of life service confuses many people. They don’t think the occasion of someone’s death warrants a “celebration.” But there are many celebration of life ideas available. 

Here are seven tips for a celebration of life service.

1. Create an Interactive Experience

Most funerals limit audience interactivity. Speakers deliver remarks, but most of the audience remains in their seats and stays silent.

Limited interactivity is good for audiences who are in deep grief. Many people want comfort, and they receive comfort through strong readings and speeches. 

But performing activities does help with the grieving process. Working allows people to do something productive with their emotions.

Working can also allow a temporary reprieve from the loss. Giving small children something to do calms them as well. 

You don’t have to do something involved. Small activities like lighting candles or planting flowers, work wonders. Google “celebration of life venues Colorado” to find celebration of life venues that promote interactivity. 

Have a couple of activities within your celebration of life, and build a service around them. Give speeches relating to the activities in some way. Encourage your guests to get up and walk around when appropriate.

You can conduct a celebration of life during COVID-19. Provide time for guests to say something that is on their mind. Give them activities they can perform at home. 

2. Memorize Your Loved One

Your loved one may no longer be around. But they are not forgotten. You can dedicate something as a permanent memory to your loved one.

If your loved one loved plants, decorate a memorial tree. If your loved one loved stars, name a star after them. If your loved one loved tattoos, your guests can get tattoos of their name on them. 

You can also start an activity in honor of them. You can start a book club and name it after your loved one.

Create some sort of lasting reminder that you can renew year by year. Use the celebration of life to launch that reminder.

3. Pay It Forward

Giving to others is a very productive way to handle grief. It allows you to live out the values of your loved one. It lets you channel your emotions into something positive. 

Donate to their favorite charity or their alma mater. If you have the resources, start a memorial fund in their name. 

Give food and other gifts to community members. If medical professionals caring for your loved one, write cards and give presents to them.

You can also hold a celebration walk, run, or bike ride. You can dedicate it to your loved one, then give the proceeds to a community group. Consider what your loved one loved, then pay it forward in that effort.

4. Be Communal

Celebration of life events is about community. People come together to celebrate one person’s life. The deceased person touched each of them in some way, and now they want to celebrate that person. 

Celebrate the communities the person was involved in. Invite representatives of groups to come and give speeches. Reach out to the person’s alumni, professional, and personal networks and invite them. 

Sent out celebration of life invitations to everyone the loved one knew. Brainstorm some celebration of life event ideas with them. 

Talk to each person who attends the event. Ask them about their thoughts, and make sure they are doing okay. 

Encourage people to talk to other people and network. Reconnect with family members and friends you haven’t spoken to in months. 

You can still be communal even under Denver COVID-19 regulations. You can host your event through Zoom and break your guests into breakout rooms so they can talk. You can host Facebook Groups, allowing your guests to share their thoughts and feelings.

5. Keep in Touch

The celebration of life does not have to be the final or ultimate event. If you have people flying in from other parts of the country, schedule another event they can attend. If you want a more formal event, you can schedule a funeral as well. 

Keep in touch with everyone who attends. Get their contact information and offer them phone calls and emails. 

Consider hosting another event on an anniversary. People who couldn’t attend your first celebration of life can attend the second. 

You don’t have to advertise it as a “celebration of life.” You can host a dinner or potluck where people can come and talk. Even simple events comfort and bring people together. 

6. Try to Be Joyous

A celebration of life permits more creativity and frivolity than a funeral does. If you want, you can share jokes and funny stories in speeches. You can play fun music and read silly poetry. 

You don’t have to make people laugh. Some people may not want to laugh.

But encourage people to think about the joy your loved one created. Focus on the accomplishments of your loved one. 

Show photographs of good times that your loved one had. Provide information on their favorite charities or other organizations. Serve food that your loved one loved to eat. 

Try to be as positive as you can. You can always host another event if some people aren’t up to “celebrating.”

7. Customize the Celebration of Life Service

You can do whatever you think is appropriate during a celebration of life service. You can have a religious ceremony, or you can have a secular one. You can combine religious activities with secular activities as well. 

You can perform speeches, read poetry, or sing songs. You can serve food and drinks. 

Your celebration of life service can be coming into a space and talking. You don’t have to do anything formal. But you can get elaborate, throwing a party with music and catering. 

You can host a celebration of life event during COVID-19. You can host a live event with social distancing. You can also host a remote event, allowing guests to interact through their feeds. 

Think about what your loved one would have wanted. Then adapt your event accordingly.  

Commemorate in the Best Space

Celebrations of life are becoming more popular with time. Though the funeral remains most common, celebrations of life permit more creativity and emotions. Consider a few tips for a celebration of life, and you can start to form your own event. 

Create an interactive experience that memorializes your loved one through time. Give back to their community with a sense of joy and honor. You can customize your event to whatever you see fit. 

Find a setting that you can celebrate life in. The Church Ranch Event Center is Denver’s leading venue for the celebration of life ceremonies. Contact us today, or call us at 303-404-3777

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